Saturday, 9 June 2012

PhD week 14: Snow

This week has been disrupted a few times. Monday was Queen's Birthday public holiday, then on Wednesday we woke up to the scene above—beautiful, but cold and not conducive to getting into the university. As we're not especially partial to the cold, we spent the day inside keeping warm, and reading and doing homely jobs that needed to be done. I also utilised the day productively by learning more about the XML package for R, and how to access XML data using Xpath. Wednesday night was very cold, but we woke to sunshine and a world that was bright—a stark contrast to the gloomy day before. Though the university was officially closed, we judged that it was worthwhile getting there, so spent the afternoon at university. Next thing we know, it's Saturday and the weekend again!

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   McCulloch D. 2010. A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years London: Penguin
   Psalms 65,

Wikipedia—Set (Mathematics)
A Little Set Theory (Never Hurt Anybody) (pdf)

A Game of Thrones audiobook read by Roy Dotrice

Saving Grace—Oaxaca music video

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