Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Checklist of Australian Weevils

Acantholophus cf. tragocephalus
Acantholophus, a member of the exclusively Australian tribe Amycterini.
From the Barrow Island Biosecurity Image Database on PaDIL. License: CC: BY.

The Australian Faunal Directory has a brand new addition to its database of Australian animals—the weevils. The list to the 4061 weevil species of Australia, representing 829 genera, is now available online. Don't expect scintillating reading or pretty pictures at this stage though. The checklist is exactly that—a list of names. For some of us, however, these lists are very useful and the addition of the citation to the original description makes this particular checklist more useful still. It's a big job to create things like this, and I for one appreciate it greatly!

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