Thursday, 7 October 2010

Asian Beetle Websites

Sphenocorynes ocellatus
Today, I came across a number of Asian-origin webpages that have many beautiful photos of beetles in general and weevils in particular.

The first, the 動物區 blog (which Google translates for me as "Animal Zone") is a photo diary focusing on invertebrates. The author has a keen eye and a good camera, and so manages to capture some excellent images of a wide variety of animals. Even better, they've taken the time to identify all the subjects, providing a very useful and informative site. As always, it pays to treat the identifications as tentative, but I haven't seen any grossly incorrect determinations thus far.

Another site has an excellent gallery of weevils. This site has the nice feature of providing photos of several different views of most species. Click on the picture in the gallery, and you get taken to another page that often has photos of the underside, lateral and dorsal aspects of the creature.

The last is the Taiwan Insect Wiki house, a wiki devoted to insects and insect photos. It has a page for their weevil photos, which has a number of very nice photos, including the photo of the beautiful Sphenocorynes ocellatus posted above.

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