Monday, 12 July 2010

A miscellany including the beetles of Gibraltar and Libya

In my continual meanderings through the wonders of the world-wide web, I have uncovered the following gems: A list to the beetles of Gibraltar, and a site on the Beetles and Rock Art of Libya which includes a list of the weevils found in that fair country.

If old entomological art is more your thing, this page showcasing the art of Edmund Reitter is both fascianting and beautiful. If you'd prefer to see a beetle walk, there's an animation of it here.


Samuel Brown said...

Full text PDFs of Reitter's "Fauna Germanie---Die Kafer des Deutchen Reiches" is available here on the BioLib webpage. The Rhyncophora (weevils) is volume (Band) 5.

Samuel Brown said...

Additionally, an indexed version of Reitter's plates and another link to the book is here.