Thursday, 15 July 2010

Australian weevil photos

Despite the legendary efforts of Elwood Zimmerman, our knowledge of the weevil fauna of Australia remains rudimentary. Guides to the identification of most species are non-existent and accordingly, very little is known about the life history of a vast proportion of the fauna. What's also interesting is how few people have become involved in the effort to discover more about them. It's not like they're unattractive either. Peter Lang has a number of photos of weevils, particularly the a number of South Australian representatives of the Belidae (including the unidentified specimen here).

There are also a number of photos of the weevils from Brisbane on this site. Take the identifications with a grain of salt though. The "attelabid" is a broad-nosed weevil of some sort, and the latter two species on the Apionidae page appear to be a cryptorhynchine and an attelabid respectively.

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