Sunday, 21 April 2013

PhD week 59: Disappointment

Tautuku Bay, Catlins, Southland.

The great thing about working in systematics and conservation is that there is often the opportunity to go to some really cool places.

Last week, the intention was to go to Pig Island, off the coast of Southland to assist a fellow student to a survey of the giant weta (Deinacrida carinata) that are found on the island. We were to be dropped off by the coastguard and spend three nights on the island looking for weta. To this end we drove down, staying in Owaka on Monday night, and driving through the Catlins on Tuesday morning. Not far out of Invercargill, we got a call from the coastguard informing us that the weather was not looking good and that the trip was cancelled. Disappointing!

Despite the change of plans, we did manage to salvage sufficient collecting in some cool places (such as Forest Hill and Trotters Gorge Scenic Reserves) to make the trip worthwhile. Also, getting home a couple of nights earlier than expected meant that I was able to do a few more things at work and socially that I would've missed if we had made it to the island.

   Pine-Coffin RS (translator). 1961. The confessions of Saint Augustine Middlesex: Penguin

Bryce McQuillan macro photography—Weevils

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