Sunday, 3 February 2013

PhD week 48: Alpine collecting

Camping at Round Hill Skifield.

I love skifields. Only at this time of year though. In a few months time they get covered with snow, and all the insects hide away making them not worth visiting in the slightest. In the past week, I had two very pleasant days in the Two Thumb Range at Round Hill and Mt Dobson Skifields. The point of the trip was to search for Haplolobus saevus, which was collected from the "mountains near Lake Tekapo" according to the original description. We managed to track some down in some spent flowers of Celmisia lyalli at Round Hill. We also found some specimens of Inophloeus in Aciphylla plants growing at the top of Mt Dobson skifield at an elevation of 1950 m. Pretty hardy organisms! The weather was perfect, the company was enjoyable, and the collecting was excellent. The total was one very succcessful field trip.

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