Friday, 21 December 2012

PhD week 42: Winding down

Gratuitous photo: A beautiful summer day at Cook's Beach, Coromandel Peninsula.

I have a saying that I repeat ad nauseum to anyone who asks me about holidays:

As a postgraduate student, you have a choice of two ways of looking at the world: you're either ALWAYS on holiday, or you're NEVER on holiday.
This week I've been operating in the latter part of the above statement. The university officially closed on Tuesday evening, and I'm still here doing various tasks.

Strangely though, it's actually rather enjoyable. There are fewer people around, meaning less distractions and allowing me to turn up the music and sing loudly (and badly) while editing DNA sequence data. Also, the mere effort of arriving at the university means that any work done is a bonus, which makes the day immensely satisfying.

   Psalm 147–150

Phantom Empire—If the World Burns
August Burns Red—Sleddin' Hill: A Holiday Album

Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7
John Hinton—The Type

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