Friday, 26 October 2012

PhD week 34: Meetings, meetings, meetings

1911 Solvay conference

It was a short week, thanks to Labour Day on Monday. While it was nice to have a day off, it did make the rest of the week rather hectic. The frentic pace was not helped by my plans to be in the field all of next week. The trickiest part of the week was sorting out meetings with a number of different people. Figuring out a time that suited without interfering with plans to get some actual work done was a difficult task. However, I think I (largely) managed to do it, and had the privilege of having good talks with people on a range of subjects including website design, collecting localities in Central Otago, the need for students to understand data management, what to get a student to do over summer, and how my PhD is going.They haven't been as significant as the conference pictured above (The 1st Solvay Conference), but they've each been helpful and enjoyable in their own way.

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