Friday, 6 July 2012

PhD week 18: Sickness and admin stuff

Paussine beetles
Gratuitous picture: illustrations of paussine beetles from the
Biodiversity Heritage Library Flickr Photostream. License: CC: BY-SA-NC

The start of this week was disrupted by both me and my wife being somewhat ill. Thus, Monday and Tuesday was spent at home, convalescing over multiple hot drinks, keeping warm, generally trying to keep each other's spirits up, and watching far too much trashy TV. Started coming back into work on Wednesday, but didn't really manage to get much momentum, instead spending time doing various administration-type things. I did manage to spend some time in the collection this afternoon, which was useful for clarifying some ideas about morphological characters, but in terms of hard-core research, unfortunately that's been it for this week.

   McCulloch D. 2010. A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years London: Penguin
   Psalms 73–76

CERN press release regarding the Higg's boson
Rule of St Benedict
Wikipedia—Andrei Rublev, Iconographer
Commentary on Rublev's Icon of the Trinity

A Game of Thrones audiobook read by Roy Dotrice

PhD comics—The Higgs Boson explained
Evolution according to Prometheus
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4

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