Friday, 26 August 2011

Harvard's Caribbean Insects

Harvard University has has an interest and presence in the Caribbean for the past 150 years. As you can imagine, they've accumulated a lot of information on the biota of the region. They've made a sizable portion of their entomological knowledge available on the Caribbean Insects @ Harvard Entomology webpage, which is very nice of them. of particular interest are is the insect and plant database which you can search to find specimen information, or cool photos, like the image of Eurhinus festivus suturalis above. They've also made a whole lot of papers available through their taxonomic literature database, though unfortunately I was unable to access the database for some reason or another. Finally, they've made a number of posters of different taxa available, and very kindly sent me copies of their beautiful weevil and bark beetle ones. Good on them for creating all this cool stuff!

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