Friday, 20 August 2010

Vanuatu Birds Website

Buff-bellied Monarch Neolalage banksiana
While reading the paper on white-eye blood parasites, I noticed a link to the VanBirds website. It is an incredible website, and an excellent resource for both casual bird watchers and serious ornithologists. It has photos of many of the bird species found in the archipelago. In addition, it has recordings of the calls of many of the species also. Most importantly though, the website collates records of birds throughout the archipelago and displays them on a map as shown by this map of the distribution of the Vanuatu endemic flycatcher, the buff-bellied monarch (Neolalage banksiana, pictured above). It appears to be well-maintained, being last updated on the 25th of May this year.

This website is very impressive and is a highly valuable resource for the ornithology of Vanuatu. It is all the more remarkable, as it appears to be very much a grass-roots type effort and claims to have had no external funding thus far. It would be awesome to see more sites like this spring up for the other Melanesian island groups.


Samuel Brown said...

Unfortunately, the VanBirds site has been pulled. Citing a lack of local birdwatchers and the selfishness of visiting birds, the administrator has decided it's not worth his while maintaining it.

Such a shame

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