Monday, 21 June 2010

Insects of Brazil

All 11 volumes of the substantial 1956 publication "Insetos do Brasil" is available online. Volume 10 is all about weevils with some interesting notes on their biology, and a few very spectacular pictures and photos. Not spectacular in their quality, but of the amazing insects they represent.

Volumes are available as both full volumes and as chapters.

A quick run down of their contents:
Volume 1: "minor" orders---springtails, dragonflies, lice, webspinners, grasshoppers, mantids and the like.
Volume 2: Heteroptera
Volume 3: Homoptera
Volume 4: Neuroptera, Trichoptera etc
Volume 5: Lepidoptera part I---Microlepidoptera mainly
Volume 6: Lepidoptera part II---Macrolepidoptera
Volume 7: Coleoptera---Adephaga and Archostemata
Volume 8: Coleoptera---Scarabaeoidea, Elateroidea, Cleroidea, Cucujoidea
Volume 9: Coleoptera---Tenebrionoidea, Chryomelidae, Cerambycidae
Volume 10: Coleoptera---Curculionoidea. Weevils!
Volume 11: Hymenoptera---non-Apocrita
Volume 12: Hymenoptera---Apocrita

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