Monday, 12 October 2009

LaTeX tips and tricks

I have been using LaTeX for the past 10 months or so and have been really enjoying it. It's making the thesis writing process a delight for the most part, and produces some really nice output. Too nice sometimes as it can be easy to forget that the content is the important part!

Unfortunately, I have found installing packages on Linux to be a bit of a challenge. I installed the package manager MikTeX, but that's been playing up for some strange reason, so I'm going to try doing it manually. Thankfully there's some help available here.

Here's a couple of other resources on MikTex for linux and an introduction to table of contents formatting. I've also found the LaTeX Community Forum to be very helpful.


Samuel Brown said...

A handy utility to figure out how many proper words you've got in your LaTeX document is this cool site here:

I really like the colour of the output

Samuel Brown said...
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Samuel Brown said...

To convert EndNote files to BibTeX format, check out this site:

Samuel Brown said...

A site giving guidelines to modifying BibTeX style files (.bst) is this one: