Sunday, 17 June 2012

PhD week 15: Proposal

This week I gave my proposal seminar to the department. This is an opportunity for starting postgraduate students to present their research intentions to their colleagues. They are a formal part of the process of starting into postgraduate research, but they tend not to be too scary. In my case I was able to enjoy a talk time of around 25 minutes, followed by a 15 minute discussion about various details of my research. It was a good experience, but one that I'm pleased to have behind me as now I can concentrate on other, more fun things (like looking at weevils!).

My presentation (the title slide is shown above) was formatted with the beamer package for LaTeX, using a customised style that incorporates the navigation bar on top of a coloured sidebar. This theme emulates the Bio-Protection Research Centre's presentation template, while allowing it to be created with LaTeX. A zip file containing the style files is available on gitHub.

In other news, I started using git as the version control tool for my thesis writing activities. I will be using this in conjunction with Dropbox to achieve the multiple aims of: 1) keeping track of the changes I make to my thesis and associated files, allowing me to go back to previous versions if necessary, 2) having a backup of my work "in the cloud", and 3) being able to access my thesis writing from multiple computers. I was assisted in this task by the documentation for git that guides one through making a repository from an existing folder, and StackOverflow questions regarding using git for writing a thesis and using git with dropbox.

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Wikipedia—Liturgy of the hours
Hadley Wickham's R style guide
LibriVox—acoustical liberation of books in the public domain
XeTeX and LaTeX blog—Newcommand with an optional argument—out-of-copyright audiobooks

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Kyrie eleison
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